We offer inception workshop training to the project implementation team as well as training around partner due diligence at proposal development phase. There is also training available on donor compliance e.g fact sheets developed for EC grants or contracts based on the PRAG version that you are working to. All training is bespoke and tailored to the projects need at the time of assessment.

Our aim is to empower your core project team with the right tools and skills to confidently manage projects whilst ensuring utmost compliance with donor rules and regulations.

In order to do this we work with you to:

Develop project budgets

Develop internal financial processes, policies & procedures for managing donor funded projects

Conduct Inception workshop training

Preparing financial reports to donors, including value for money reporting

Set up archiving tools to aid donor compliance and reliable record keeping

Interim review of budget spend against milestones

Project internal audit

Project financial plan (co financing, budget forecasts, & deliverables planning)

Preparation for external project audit

Our packages

Based on your company’s existing skill and need, you may prefer to purchase one of the below (but not limited to) packages. These contain a basic checklist for financial reports, key rules on spending thresholds and frequency of reporting, audit requirements, guidelines on budget modification and much more.

Packages available for purchase are:

1. Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) Starter Pack

2. European Commission Humanitarian Office (ECHO) Starter Pack

3. European Commission – EuropeAid (EC) Starter Pack

4. Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) Starter Pack

5. Emergency Audit Preparation Checklist – less than £1m

6. Final Financial Reporting Checklist

7. Process and Systems Review – Short Term* Technical Assessment

8. Cost Recovery and Budgeting Template

9. Proposal Budget Preparation and Review (DFID & EC)

Why invest in professional help?

  • Reduce risk with restricted funding, and the cost of disallowed expenditure
  • Mitigate risk associated with natural staff turnover. Pre written hand over notes, processes and procedures to aid smooth transition
  • Internal audits that pave the way for smoother, quicker and less expensive audits
  • Reduces the capacity issue with setting up new projects on existing personnel. With pre written notes, policies and processes tailored to the donors’ requirement, staff members can concentrate on implementing rather than being fully engaged in setting up internal process at inception.
  • Training helps to ensure that staff are skilled up to the right levels per donor rules at any point in time. We help facilitate Inception workshops, financial training and re fresher courses tailored to the most recent donor rules and regulations.
  • A light on co financing. Helping you work through a clear co financing plan that enables you to channel unrestricted funds to where they are needed most.
  • Maximising the indirect cost recovery with robust budgeting within acceptable donor rules and regulations
  • Policy templates designed to kick start the process that aids good governance. An objective pair of eyes to ensure external credibility and accuracy.


Fees are based on the size of the project, location and duration of the project.

For more information, please send an email to , or fill in the enquiries form on our contact us page. We aim to respond to all queries in 24hours.

With staff in Europe and Africa, we are never too far away from our next short or long term assignment!