About us

Financial management for international development, (Findev) Consulting Limited is a UK based consultancy that specialises in assisting contractors with the successful management of funds for international development.

We are a team of accountants and donor compliance professionals that offer day to day financial management for institutionally funded projects. Our staff are qualified accountants with a great deal of experience in successfully running development projects from inception to final close down.

At Findev, we understand the need to develop innovative processes that contribute towards operational efficiency and true sustainability. Our hands on approach, drive for efficiency and commitment to excellence drives us to deliver the best results in the most difficult working environments and climate.

About the founder

Anjie Enabor started Findev in 2016. A qualified chartered accountant with The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), Anjie has gained extensive experience working as an Accountant, Finance manager, Programme Funding Analyst, as well as delivering numerous inception workshops on financial management with DFID and EC contracts. Some of the organisations that she has worked for include: (Development Alternatives Incorporated) DAI, Actionaid UK & Tearfund, to name a few.

“I am passionate about effective financial management. The work does not stop when agencies are awarded the contract to deliver humanitarian or development aid. Over the years, I have learnt that the greatest barrier to delivering a successful project (from a financial point of view), is the lack of understanding of donor compliance rules, boundaries of flexibility where rules are specified as well as an overwhelming feeling of inadequacy where companies do not have all the processes and policies in place to pass their audits. I have seem very capable agencies shy away from certain donors simply because they are “high compliance”. This is a real shame. With the right structure and tools in place, I believe it is possible to successfully manage projects with restricted funding. It is usually never as hard as it looks.”

As a person of multiple marginalized identities I am extremely Passionate about the developing world, most especially Africa. Its rich culture and home to some immensely talented minds fills me with hope for the future. I am committed to playing a role that empowers these recipients of aid to:

  • Increase the quality of financial reports within their respective contexts
  • Increase the accuracy and credibility of data reported
  • Understand the importance of meeting deadlines and consequences if this does not happen
  • See the need for accurate and reliable data
  • Ultimately, comply with the conditions set in contracts and be better positioned to implement future projects


We work with a range of donors, some of which include: